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Schedule your own private or classes for three or more students! No extra cost, weekdays or weekends!

A maximum of four students per scheduled class provides more personal attention from the instructor.

We will schedule at an appropriate firing range located in the Bay Area, or other area (for 3 to 4 students) by mutual agreement.

Gift Certificates now available! Just email us!

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There are new CCW procedures now in effect in Contra Costa County.  There is now a specific standardized training component required. The new CCW procedure is as follows based upon current information:

    1. Submit the CA-DOJ standard CCW application to the Sheriff. (The address is indicated on the application which can be found on this website under “CA LAW” on the left-hand sidebar). The application will be reviewed by the Sheriff for obvious problems or obvious reasons for rejection.
    2. If your application is acceptable, you will be asked to visit the Sheriff’s office in Martinez for an oral interview. At this time your “Just Cause” will be reviewed for compliance with existing policy.
    3. If your interview is acceptable, you will be asked to submit LiveScan fingerprints, at your expense, which can be accomplished wherever LiveScan is offered, such as UPS Stores, etc. A background check will be conducted which usually takes about ten days. The Sheriff will provide the appropriate LiveScan form.
    4. If your background check comes back “clear”, you will receive a letter from the Sheriff which MAY indicate a requirement to successfully pass a training course, to include both classroom and range, at your expense, certified by a CA-DOJ/BSIS Firearms Instructor*, a CA-DOJ/BSIS Security Guard Training facility, or a P.O.S.T. (Peace Officer Standards and Training) Firearms Instructor. Having completed the training successfully, you will provide the Completion Certificate to the Sheriff. Your picture will then be taken for your County CCW ID.
    5. Your CCW will then be issued. It is valid for two years.

*To make an appointment for any required training, or receive more information, please click here.


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Peter M. Friedman*
NRA Training Counselor, NRA Law Enforcement Handgun Instructor, LEOSA HR218 Firearm Requalification, CA BSIS Guard & Firearm Training Instructor, NRA Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun Instructor
(925) 818-6642
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*Former Deputy – San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Dept.
*Member – Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Posse
*NRA Life Member 140506318


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